Primary Roles









Action Case Management employs skilled case managers to facilitate and oversee medical care for patients requiring medical intervention. The case managers primary roles are: Assessment, Planning, Facilitation, Monitoring, and Advocacy.

Case managers gather relevant, comprehensive information required for accurate client assessment.

Case managers engage the client and their family in the planning process as the primary decision maker and goal setter following the recommendations of their physician.

In order to develop an appropriate plan of care the case managers will actively promote, coordinate and facilitate communication among the client and their family, the primary care physician/PM&R, members of the healthcare team, the insurance company, and other relevant parties.

The case manager employs a process of ongoing assessment and documentation to monitor the quality of care, services and products delivered to the client to determine if the goals of the plan of care are being achieved, whether they remain appropriate, and what actions may be implemented to enhance positive outcomes.

Case managers advocate understanding and respect for the beliefs, value system, and decisions of the client. At Action Case Management we recognize the client’s right to make informed choices.


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